What Is The Best Air Rifle?

Chances are if you are browsing the web looking for the “best pellet gun” you will end up with results for all types, styles, and brands of pneumatic weapons. This tends to make consumers wonder if there really is that much of a difference between the products. While finding the best air rifle is often a matter of personal preference, and shooting ability there are differences between the different types that should be discussed. Once you understand the different types, it will be easier to find the best air rifle that meets all of your needs.

Types of Air Rifles

There are several different types of air rifles, and understanding what these are can make it easier to choose the best one for you. The type of air rifle you need will depend on several different factors. What and when you are going to shoot should be considered, along with your experience with a pneumatic weapon. Budget is always a consideration, and some types of air rifles are priced higher than others.

Precharged Pneumatic (PCP)

These air rifles are one of the easiest to fire and the most accurate. Most precharged air rifles are accurate 50 feet and further. There are two different methods of charging this type of air rifle, and most models are compatible with an electric and hand pump. Once the pressure has reached its maximum capacity, you can fire the air rifle until the valve is empty. These air rifles can be used for small game hunting, plinking, and in some types of competition shooting.

Electronic PCP

These powerful air rifles are priced higher than other types, and are frequently used to hunt larger game. Due to its expensive price and limited use, these pneumatic firearms are not as common as other models.


Air Rifle

Break Barrel

These are quickly becoming the most popular types of air rifles, and are available with several different features. Break barrel pneumatic firearms can be used for pest control, plinking, and some target shooting. The air rifles are available in a range of prices that are designed to fit any budget. Break barrel air rifles are powerful, and able to fire pellets at a high velocity, but it should also be noted that the spring action can be difficult to close.

There are also break barrel air rifles that are powered by Nitro piston technology instead of the traditional spring. While these air rifles are more expensive, they are also more powerful, accurate, and highly efficient. The air rifle can be fired in one simple step, and it is also quieter than a traditional spring powered break barrel pneumatic rifle.

CO2 Power

CO2 is generally only used in air pistols, but there are some air rifles that are powered by the compressed gas. While it does work fine in pneumatic pistols, it is usually not powerful enough for the longer barrels in air rifles.

Variable Pump

These air rifles are popular with target shooters and small game hunters. You can control the power of the air rifle, by how many times you pump the mechanism. These air rifles are affordable and also popular with beginners. The most common pump-action air rifles are the .177 and .22 caliber pneumatic shotguns.

Once you understand the different types of air rifles, you will be on your way to finding the best one for you.