A guide to the top rated air rifles for young shooters

An outline:

For children or people who are new to air rifles, they need a firearm which is easy to use and comfortable to handle. Well the market offers tons of options to choose from.

In fact here we are going to bring before our readers an enlightening review about the best air rifle for young shooters. So those who want to know about those names, just follow the article religiously!

Daisy Outdoor Products Buck Gun

The first in our list of top air rifles for young shooters is this baby right here. It is a .177 air rifle which is primarily made for children of 10 years and more and also for people who are beginners. It’s a one of the best air rifle now. It fires at a velocity which is about 275 fps, is easy to load as well as cock and also it is easy to carry from one place to another. It has a polished wood stock which is adequate for children as well as beginners’ shoulders and its ability to shoot at about 400 BBs before reloading and proves to be a handy fire arm for practising targets or backyard plinking.

Marlin Cowboy BB gun

It fires pellets at about 325 fps and is a perfect rifle for teaching kids as well as beginners the traits of shooting. It is designed authentically and its authentic look and appearance makes it very alluring to the eyes of its users. It can hold about 700 BBs and takes less time to reload. It is also very sturdy and has the ability to last for a fair amount of time. Plus add to that fact that it is light weight is another plus point about this cool rifle.

Crosman Classic Rifle

Whenever we talk about the best air rifles in the market, a Cross man model has to be included in it.  It is among the best rifle makes in the market and this design is another one of its examples. Its multi-pump renders young shooters more control over each shot and it is also very light weight meaning that there is not much strain over the shoulders. It is powerful and can shot pellets at about 755 fps and in terms of accuracy it will also get high marks for that. And another thing, it can shoot both .177 caliber pellets as well as BB pellets quire effectively at with the same amount of velocity. For such reasons it is one of the best air rifles for young shooters!


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